Love and Light is an Australian based collection specialising in hand knit and crochet designs. The collection uses an innovative mix of knit and crochet structures inspired by present and past pop culture. With vibrant colours and a bohemian touch, each individual piece creates it's own signature style.

Rose is the owner and creator of L&L based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Rose is 25 years old and started knitting when she was 5 years old, with 20 years of experience she has now turned her passion into a successful fashion label.

"Love And Light is more than just pieces of clothing. We are unique, one of a kind, something that's expressive and allows you to stand out and be confident. We are not mass produced, going against the trend of the fashion industry, playing our part for the environment. Our vision here is to lift every woman up and encourage them to be everything they can be. To dream big, to stand out of the crowd, to be yourself and not let the world dictate who you are. You are unique, and we believe you should express yourself and be all that you can be and how you've been made."




Rachael Forshaw & Rose Behan are the designers of L&L. They are cousins and have been good friends their entire lives.

Rose is the knitwear designer, she designs all her own patterns and hand knits each unique piece herself using both knitting needles and a domestic knitting machine.

Rachael recently moved back to Australia after living in the UK for 5 years and has joined the team as the crochet designer. Rachael also learnt to crochet from a young age so she has a wealth of experience to contribute to the team here at L&L. She designs and crochets each one of kind piece herself.


It all starts with making a mood board of our inspiration and ideas. We think about our design aesthetic and the current fashions trends and forecast along with what shapes, yarn, materials and colours we want to use in each piece.
Once we are happy with our mood board we then start to sketch our ideas down, we always try to create innovative patterns and textures while making sure it still gels with our brand and our customers will love the garments.






For knit wear, depending on the design, we either use knitting needles or our domestic knitting machine.
For crochet wear, its all made by hand using a crochet needle.
Firstly we make a sample of the design and then adjust the measurements accordingly - this can take quite a few attempts to make sure the garment will fit perfectly and comes out the way we envisioned it.


Lastly once we are happy with the garment we sew it together, cut and tie each individual tassel onto the garment (if it has fringing) and then press and steam the garment. The final step is to pack and send out your garments!


We would not be where we are today running a successful clothing brand and doing what we love everyday if it wasn't for each and every one of you supporting our brand. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to continue making innovative pieces for you to feel confident and beautiful in.






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